Tally Single User Dubai

Tally Prime Single User - Silver Edition

Renewal Tally TSS

TSS (Tally Software Service) is a renewal plan that offers various benefits such as free product upgrades, remote access, data synchronization, and other support services for Tally accounting software users.


Tally customization services refer to the process of tailoring the Tally accounting software to meet the specific needs and requirements of a business, such as adding custom features, reports, or modules.

Tally Cloud

Tally Cloud refers to the hosting of Tally accounting software on cloud servers, allowing users to access and use the software over the internet from anywhere, using a web browser or dedicated app.

Tally Support

Tally Support UAE refers to the customer support and service provided by Tally Solutions in the UAE region, including technical support, training, and consulting services related to Tally accounting software.

Tally ERP 9 Silver Features


The software allows users to manage their financial transactions, including creating and managing accounts, journal entries, and ledgers.

Financial reports

Users can generate various financial reports, such as balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and cash flow statements.


The software allows users to create and manage invoices, including sales invoices, purchase invoices, and credit notes.

Inventory management

Inventory management in Tally refers to the process of tracking and managing inventory in a business using Tally ERP 9 or Tally Prime.

Data security

Data Encryption: Tally uses strong encryption algorithms to encrypt all the data that is stored in the software.

Statutory compliance

he software is compliant with the latest statutory requirements, such as VAT, and can generate VAT returns and other compliance-related reports.

General Features Tally ERP9

Whether you're a small business or an enterprise, Tally's business software caters to all your ERP or Accounting needs.

Tally Single User UAE

Concurrent Multi-lingual capability

Tally Software UAE offers a multi-lingual functionality, allowing users to manage their accounts and reports in one language and send invoices to customers in another language. This software provides the convenience of keeping your business going without crossing any geographical boundaries or worrying about language barriers.


Tally Payroll is a feature for automating the management of employee records, such as visa and employment contracts. This software also offers automatic salary calculations and payslip generation, providing you with an efficient way to manage your payroll. Tally payroll is a feature for automating employee management.

Tally Prime Single User UAE
Tally Prime Single User Dubai

Job Costing

Job costing is a feature in Tally Prime that enables businesses to track and manage the costs associated with specific projects or jobs. With job costing, businesses can accurately estimate and allocate costs, track project expenses, and generate reports to analyze profitability and performance.

POS Invoicing

Tally accounting software provides Point of Sale (POS) invoicing functionality that allows businesses to generate and manage invoices for their retail transactions. With POS invoicing, businesses can create and process invoices quickly and efficiently, which is essential for retail small business.

Tally Silver

Tally Prime FAQ's

Tally Prime Single User is a desktop-based version of Tally Prime accounting software that allows only one user to access it at a time.

Yes, Tally Prime Single User is fully compliant with VAT regulations in the UAE.

Tally Prime Single User allows you to manage one company at a time.

Tally ERP 9 stands for Tally Enterprise Resource Planning 9.

Yes, Tally Prime Single User can be upgraded to a multi-user version. You can purchase a license for Tally Prime Gold or Tally Prime Silver, which allows multiple users to access the software simultaneously.

The cost of Tally Prime Single User depends on the specific version and features that you need. Contact Tally Solutions for more information on pricing.
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