Tally Multi User

Tally Prime Single User
Silver Edition

  • Multi-user access: Multiple users can access the same company data simultaneously, which improves collaboration and productivity.
  • Remote access: The software allows remote access to company data, which is useful for businesses with multiple locations or employees working from home.
  • Data security: The software includes advanced security features, such as user-level security, access control, and data encryption, to protect company data from unauthorized access.
  • Audit trails: The software logs all transactions and changes made to the company data, which helps in tracking and identifying any unauthorized access or errors.
  • Advanced accounting functionality: The multi-user version provides advanced accounting features such as cost centers, profit centers, and job costing, which are essential for managing larger and more complex businesses.

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Financial Management

This module allows businesses to manage their financial transactions, including creating and managing accounts, journal entries, and ledgers.

Inventory Management

This module helps businesses to track inventory levels, manage stock movement, and generate stock reports.

Manufacturing and Job Costing

This module provides support for manufacturing and job costing, including bill of materials, production orders, and job orders.

Sales and Purchase Management

This module allows businesses to create and manage sales and purchase orders, including sales invoices, purchase invoices, and credit notes.

Statutory Compliance

This module provides support for the latest statutory requirements, such as VAT, and can generate VAT returns and other compliance-related reports.

Payroll Management

This module enables businesses to manage their payroll, including employee details, attendance, and payroll processing.

Do More With Tally Prime

Tally Prime Multi-User version provides businesses with a range of modules and features that can help them manage their financial transactions more efficiently and effectively.

  • Flexible Purchase and Sales Management

    It offers a range of features to help make purchase and sales processes easier, including creating purchase and sales orders, debit and credit notes.

  • Multiple Billing Format

    For faster billing, TallyPrime offers various invoice formats that are tailored to meet your business needs. Whether you offer Products or Services.

  • Manufacturing Journal

    Tally Prime is the perfect solution for tracking the entire cycle of manufacturing activity. It enables users to accurately record raw material information, associated purchase costs, and godowns used for dispatch.

  • Re-order Level

    Set your reorder level and minimum order level to be notified when it's time to resupply - receive real-time data on what needs to be replenished, as well as a report outlining available stock and required quantities.

  • Create Professional VAT Invoice

    With just a few clicks, you can customize your invoice to include terms such as company name, logo, and other information.

  • Multiple Price Level

    TallyPrime is a business management software that allows users to quickly and conveniently manage the prices of their products. It offers customizable prices for different levels, such as wholesalers, retailers, customers, etc.

Ready Customized Modules

We have developed customized modules in TallyPrime in order to enhance the efficiency and capabilities of TallyPrime.

Tally Multi User Dubai
Salesman Module

Tally Prime’s Basic module enables users to assign a master to each salesperson, allowing them to select the most suitable one for their specific needs.

Tally Multi User UAE
Auto Backup

Tally AutoBackup is an innovative feature that lets you customize the way your backups are created. With this tool, you can easily create a user-defined backup schedule.

Tally Prime Multi User Dubai
Customization of Voucher Template

Voucher templates can be modified as per the necessities of the purchaser. It can either be on letterhead or plain paper with a logo embedded on it.

Tally Prime Multi User UAE
Barcode Printing

Tally Prime's Barcode Printing feature provides a comprehensive solution for creating, designing and printing barcode labels in A4 paper or continuous label rolls with ease.

Tally Gold
Voucher Approvals

All vouchers organized for approval drop in a distinct register and the authorized manager or superior can approve the vouchers after authenticating and further, it will appear in the books of accounts.

Tally Gold UAE
Import Data

The Import Data Tool from Excel Tally Prime gives you the ability to easily move master data and open balances - like chart of accounts, customer masters, supplier lists, item lists and prices - from an excel spreadsheet or CSV file into Tally Prime with just a few clicks.

Tally Prime FAQ's

Tally Prime Multi User is a desktop-based version of Tally Prime accounting software that allows multiple users to access it simultaneously.

The number of users who can access Tally Prime Multi User simultaneously depends on the license you purchase. Tally Prime Gold allows up to 10 users, while Tally Prime Silver allows up to 2 users.

Yes, Tally Prime Multi User is fully compliant with VAT regulations in the UAE.

Tally Prime Multi User allows you to manage multiple companies at the same time.

Yes, Tally Prime Multi User supports multi-currency transactions.

The cost of Tally Prime Multi User depends on the specific version and features that you need. Contact Tally Solutions for more information on pricing.
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