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CRM Software in Dubai | Abu Dhabi, UAE - Best CRM for 2020-21

Never lose another potential customer! With the help of Customer Relation Management software, we provide the complete solution from a simple lead, converting it to an opportunity, then making it a proposal, followed by regular follow-ups and finally making the reports. The system automatically generates the needed Invoice for your company and provides all the supports that you need.

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With the help of the CRM you can:

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction: With regular follow-ups and maintenance drives, you can maintain a strong connection with all your clients and customers. Never let a potential customer slip away from your fingers anymore!

  • Improve business sales: CRM methods are focused on closing more deals and increase the sales of the company. Additional features involved are improved forecast accuracy, suggestion selling leading to higher revenues earned.

  • Enhanced Workforce Productivity: With the use of this software you can assign various tasks to your workforce thus creating a virtual production line with each person from your team doing a certain task and finishing the tasks as quickly as possible.

  • Multiply your customer Base: CRM not only manages your existing customer base, but with your good customer support, your customers will spread the word about your company by word-of-mouth which is the most reliable source of advertising.

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Keep an organized record of all your customers and get notification about various events such as their annual maintenance days, payment dues, special company anniversaries and so on.

Aimed to be used by the sales team, the software has a clean interface and a smooth GUI . All the vital statistics and data displayed on the dashboard, you get a quick glance of the reports in form of graphs, charts and explanatory numbers.

CRM Software Dealer in Dubai, UAE and having direct contact with the CRM solution provider company in UAE , we provide CRM products in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE and across Middle east region at reasonable prices. CRM software which is ideal for use in small to medium scale businesses. Looking for CRM solutions in Dubai, CRM solutions in UAE, feel free to contact us on our customer care number or send an email to us.

The exceptionally functional and user-friendly software PenielCRM accelerates the growth of your business by keeping customers satisfied and engaged. You can effectively deal with the sales inquiries, proposal generations, proposal converted to follow up, user (staff) activities and it even reminds you for follow up.

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CRM Software FAQ's

Customer Relationship Management system is a software that helps you to maintain better relations with your customers and clients, thus enabling you to grow your customer base even faster and also manage your sales executives in an organized manner.

CRM should be able to maximize the sales of the company and increase good co-ordination between the sales executives and support team to ensure that the clients receive the best service and prompt response.

Once you begin to use the CRM, you will have the power to define the sales workflow for the sales executives and organize them to maximize the deal closure rate. You will find it easy to convert your leads to customers and at the same time ensure that your current customer base is happy with your services.

  • Step 1. Ask for a free trial to see if the CRM suits your business model
  • Step 2. Check out its customization options along with other Addins
  • Step 3. Decide on the Online or Offline version
  • Step 4. User Experience and Ease of Usage
  • Step 5. Sales Executive friendly
  • Step 6. Mobile Version and Desktop version available
  • Step 7. Data security and user accessibility feature

Customer Relationship Management software is an application used by smart companies and business organization to make the sales process faster and efficiently convert more leads to deals. Here are a few benefits.

  • Step 1. Better Leads to customer Conversion
  • Step 2. Customer Segmentation
  • Step 3. Shorter and faster Sales cycle
  • Step 4. Customer Communication
  • Step 5. Team Collaboration
  • Step 6. Customer data and information protection
  • Step 7. Task Management